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Full-service development partner for the global automotive industry

EDAG Entwicklungspartner der Automobilindustrie

Are you a manufacturer or supplier in the international automotive industry who seeks a partner for responsible development of new vehicle models and production systems? We offer you an extensive range of services for comprehensive and linked development of complete vehicles, derivatives, and modules, as well as production plants.

During the product development phase, EDAG Engineering AG with it´s subsidiaries EDAG Production Solutions GmbH & Co. KG has access to all relevant development-related services and expertise throughout the value chain. With our comprehensive understanding of vehicles and production systems, we are the partner that is one step ahead, the one that focuses on your production requirements right from the start of the design phase and always makes sure that the two are in sync. Through collaboration with our "Tool and Vehicle Body Systems" division, designs can be displayed and supported all the way from the design model up to drive-ready prototypes.

In recent years we have steadily expanded our Tool and Vehicle Body Systems" division services for you in the area of small-series production. The main areas of focus are in small-series production of plastic parts, car bodies, and tools.

The second main pillar of EDAG's services is the development of complete production systems. In addition to the engineering services we provide, we also, in conjunction with our sister company FFT Produktionssysteme, implement turn-key production facilities for body in white and vehicle assembly plants.

With our 40-plus-year tradition in the automotive industry, we are permanently committed to market-ready designs of innovative concepts and processes.
In this way EDAG has firmly established itself as a solution-oriented development company in such pioneering areas as lightweight construction. electromobility, and production-optimized solutions.


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Jörg Ohlsen CTO
Head of Product Development

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