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EDAG Soulmate - Further information   ...Further information Electrics/electronics at EDAG Digital Transformation in Automotive: trive.me EDAG's lightweight design competence EDAG show and concept cars EDAG showcars - gallery Elevator-pitch for the...  

EDAG Soulmate - When the postman rings   When the postman ringsBesides the normal data that you know from a cockpit, the soulmate can, for example, establish contact to the smart-house over the internet. When the postman rings yet again at  

Newsletter archive - EDAG Newsletter Archive   EDAG Newsletter Archive  

EDAG - an Overview   ... for a 10% quota of female managers for Germany. The proportion of women in the total workforce of EDAG Engineering GmbH is 17.9% and 4.2% on the management levels.To achieve and sustain this goal of 10%...  

Design concepts   ...EDAG Design Concepts takes you through strategic product development, from the idea to the physical model, providing complete development support through to the finished product.Our specialists from the Design...  

Shining example of tomorrow's mobility   ...Stachus Passage in the heart of Munich experienced a special kind of premiere.Christoph Horvathpr@edag.de  

ADAS driver assistance systems - All a question of validation   ... and subsequent assessment. In this respect, more and more OEM customers are putting their faith in EDAG's experts. ADAS systems are put through a series of rigorous tests from which possible improvements are...  

ADAS driver assistance systems - Saving cash with an EDAG tool   ...Saving cash with an EDAG toolDrive – brake – drive – brake – it is hard to believe that, simple as it sounds, testing braking and acceleration cues is actually a demanding and cost-intensive practice. A brake robot is...  

ADAS driver assistance systems - Performance drive to validate the traffic sign recognition assistant   ... automotive industry makes use of both alternatives. The task of the driver assistance experts at EDAG is now to work out whether it is possible to combine the two possibilities. The thing to do is find out...  

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