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Industry 4.0 - The way to Industry 4.0   The way to Industry 4.0Once again, to summarise, here are the two steps on the way to Industry 4.0:1. Structuring the product development process with subsequent introduction of consistent...  

Industry 4.0 - Entwicklung 4.0®   Entwicklung 4.0®Munich-based Feynsinn, EDAG's process consulting team, have created and copyrighted a comprehensive concept (Entwicklung 4.0® [Development 4.0]) which will pave the way to...  

Industry 4.0 - Workplace of the future   Workplace of the futureThe increasing volume of information being processed during the development process means that particular attention needs to be focused on the layout of the work environment...  

Industry 4.0 - Implementation   ImplementationThe details of exactly how the principles of Entwicklung 4.0® will be put into practice must be worked out separately for each company, with the employees involved. Processes and IT...  

Industry 4.0 - Further information   Further information Process consultation at EDAG EDAG brands Industry 4.0 Product-Lifecycle-Management (PLM)  

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Industry 4.0   Andreas Börner Strategic Business Development Tel.: +49 151 467669-38 E-Mail  

Industry 4.0 - Your contacts for this subject   Your contacts for this subject  

Industry 4.0   Robert Rech Senior Process Consultant Tel.: +49 661 6000-9580 E-Mail  

South Korean Design Benchmark - South Korean Design and European Taste   South Korean Design and European Taste  

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