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EDAG - an Overview   In the "Vehicle Engineering" segment, we offer engineering services and know-how for the entire automobile development process, and accept full responsibility for derivative and complete  

EDAG - an Overview   ...The "Production Solutions" segment, operating through the independent company EDAG Production Solutions GmbH & Co. KG (EDAG PS), an engineering partner with offices at 16 locations worldwide, develops...  

EDAG - an Overview   In the "Electrics/Electronics" segment, we carry out the integration of new electrical/electronic components and modules in sustainable vehicle concepts, and are also involved in the  

COCOON   ...For further details and the technical refinements of the EDAG Light Cocoon, see the latest EDAG INSIGHTS.  

Press Contacts   ...Postal Mail: EDAG Engineering GmbH Marketing Department Reesbergstraße 1 36039 Fulda Germany  

Press Contacts   ...EDAG Engineering GmbH Reesbergstraße 1 36039 Fulda GermanyTel.: +49 661 6000-570 Fax: +49 661 6000-669 E-mail  

Chevy Cruz   ...Further information Vehicle development at EDAG Our worldwide locations  

Chevy Cruz - Manufactured at four locations   ... which, culturally speaking, couldn't have been more different: Europe, China, Russia and the USA. EDAG engineers were commissioned to develop the complete interior of all the vehicles. From the design and...  

Chevy Cruz - Worldwide requirements   ... that the countless different requirements could possibly be met was by drawing on the know-how of EDAG's worldwide subsidiaries on the one hand, and working hand in hand with the various suppliers on the...  

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