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EDAG Stories - Success that gives you wings.   ...Success that gives you wings.How a female software developer at EDAG sets new standards. more  

EDAG Stories - Part 1: Why Industry 4.0 will not work for you.   Part 1: Why Industry 4.0 will not work for you.Industry 4.0 is being "pushed" from many sides, and horror scenarios of what will happen if the reluctance of the German medium-sized  

Newsletter   ...EDAG Newsletter: Engineering impulsesDear visitor to the EDAG-Homepage,We would like, with the EDAG newsletter, to keep you up-to-date on all the latest developments and news in and about the EDAG Group.You can...  

Newsletter - The latest "EDAG Engineering Impulses" is now available.   ...The latest "EDAG Engineering Impulses" is now available.In this edition, you can read about the following matters: Create for the best. Be Proruptive! Part 1: Why Industry 4.0 will not work for you. Success that...  

Newsletter archive   ...EDAG Newsletter ArchiveAll previous issues of the EDAG newsletter can be found here in the archive.EDAG ENGINEERING IMPULSES Edition 3 / 2016 Edition 2 / 2016 Edition 1 / 2016 Edition 2 / 2015 Edition 1 /...  

Internships abroad   ...EDAG Mexico S.A. de C.V. Ms Cindy Schaub Avenida Ébano S/N Lote A Edificio de Oficinas FINSA II Parque Industrial FINSA Cuautlancingo, CP. 72710 Puebla Pue. Mexico  

Internships abroad   ...Tel.: +52 222 641-3581 E-Mail: recruiting@edag.com.mx  

PRODUCTION   ... but actively plans it. In doing so, we demonstrate the quality and feasibility of our solutions. EDAG Werkzeug + Karosserie GmbH (EDAG holds a 49% stake) provides products and services in the fields of...  

Body manufacturing and prototype construction   ... time and cost involved is vital, so as not to put the the development schedule at risk. At EDAG, we have a quarter of a century's experience in prototype construction on which we can draw. In...  

Girl Power for the engineering world   ... at Girls' and Boys' Day events in Fulda, Ingolstadt, and WolfsburgChristoph Horvathpr@edag.de  

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