• EDAG Motorcycle

    Where the boundaries between engineers and fans become blurred

  • Indian community inspires towards more sustainability

    Why the Navajos use EDAG busses to protect the environment

  • Formula Student

    A case for EDAG

  • Additive manufacturing (3D printing)

    How the "EDAG Genesis" turned the automobile world upside down

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Electric/Electronic   This particularly applies to purely electrically driven vehicles as the range rapidly reduces is the use of electrical energy is not optimized. The consumption of fuel is also negatively affected in...  

Electric/Electronic   EDfidelity is a high-end, new generation 8-channel amplifier. The combination of class D amplifier technology and 400 MHz high performance digital signal processing provides a considerable technical...  

Products   As a global partner to the mobility industry, we offer more than just complete development solutions from a single source. Building on years of experience, we have developed innovative products for...  

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Process consultation Feynsinn - Learning work   Learning work "Fitness for improvement" Workshops Special courses in our portfolio Basis courses in CAD (CATIA/NX) environment and visualisation  

Process consultation Feynsinn - Soft work   Soft work "Everything from bits and bytes" Specification of software requirements Creation of software prototypes und complete applications Mobile apps and web applications Process...  

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