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Agile prototyping - Concept "Development 4.0" for faster hardware development   Concept "Development 4.0" for faster hardware developmentIt is by no means possible to tap the full potential for improvement by simply introducing agile processes into product development....  

Agile prototyping   Feynsinn's new product development concept "Development 4.0" helps companies to put the potential of all employees to the best possible use, and to assign each to the right project or...  

Agile prototyping - Agile prototyping   Agile prototyping  

Bat bike   When Sebastian Sturm, a member of the Motorcycle team at EDAG Munich, presents his innovative motorcycle concept to his friends, it is sure to meet with incredulous astonishment. Even experienced...  

Bat bike   "While I was still a student, I was already thinking about an alternative front wheel drive for motorcycles. I really didn't like the way the bike bucked during braking with the classic...  

Bat bike   When presented at the Aachen Colloquium, the new concept developed by "EDAG Motorcycle" in Munich met with enormous interest. And it has the additional attraction of being the fascinating...  

Bat bike   In essence, this new concept is a novel type of front wheel suspension integrated in an innovative motorcycle platform concept. As a result, not only is it possible to adjust bucking - something...  

Bat bike - A new motorcycle platform concept   A new motorcycle platform concept  

Bat bike - Bat bike   Bat bike  

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