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    Why the Navajos use EDAG busses to protect the environment

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    A case for EDAG

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    How the "EDAG Genesis" turned the automobile world upside down

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Navajos   With a population of almost 330,000, the Navajo nation is the second largest Native American community in America's largest reserve. Spread across Northeast Arizona, Southeastern Utah and the...  

Pedestrian Protection   Sporty design is trendy! Young, dynamic and expressive – values that you often find in modern-day vehicles from premium manufacturers. They shape a design language that can be found everywhere in...  

Pedestrian Protection - Further information   Further information About us Testing at EDAG Vehicle safety at EDAG  

Pedestrian Protection - The principles are important   The principles are importantThe expert sees even more involvement in so-called active safety measures in future. These measures intervene before the actual crash situation because they are...  

Pedestrian Protection - The active bonnet   The active bonnetThe concept of the active bonnet may not seem like an absolute innovation in the automobile industry to some. But the bumper fitted with various sensors definitely is one. A...  

Pedestrian Protection - Conflict between design and safety   Conflict between design and safetyYou don't have to be a development expert to realise that target conflicts arise between designers and safety experts. One calls for a flat, streamlined look while...  

GENESIS   For more details of the EDAG Genesis and EDAG‘s technology roadmap for additive manufacturing processes up to 2045, see the current EDAG INSIGHTS.  

GENESIS   Further informationen Competence Center Lightweight construction at EDAG Rapid prototyping  

GENESIS   "EDAG GENESIS" is based on the bionic patterns of a turtle, which has a shell that provides protection and cushioning and is part of the animal's skeleton. The shell is similar to a...  

GENESIS - Implement nature as a model without any compromise   Implement nature as a model without any compromise  

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