• EDAG Motorcycle

    Where the boundaries between engineers and fans become blurred

  • Indian community inspires towards more sustainability

    Why the Navajos use EDAG busses to protect the environment

  • Formula Student

    A case for EDAG

  • Additive manufacturing (3D printing)

    How the "EDAG Genesis" turned the automobile world upside down

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Electrics / Electronics   The interconnectedness of functions and services in and around the vehicle is constantly boosting the complexity of requirements.  In this context, we focus on developing, integrating and...  

Electrics / Electronics   It doesn't matter whether it's lidar, radar, ultrasound or camera-based for boosting safety or convenience – it is the complex functions that are centre stage. We offer you comprehensive support for...  

Electrics / Electronics   As experts in overall vehicle development, we know from experience with national and international projects how an agenda like this can be launched when other departments pull together such as body...  

Electrics / Electronics   With our experience in vehicle electrical system development, we not only cover these requirements. We can also draw on a profound interconnectedness with vehicle manufacturers and vehicle...  


Audi A6 long - In the driving seat?   In the driving seat?  

Student   A central element of the design, and one which needs to be tested separately, is the so-called crash box, which provides the driver with the best protection possible in the event of a head-on crash....  

Student   When, in late summer, the roar of engines can be heard at the Hockenheimring, it does not necessarily mean that the Formula 1 pilots are out in force. Once a year, the people who will later be...  

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