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Local need with a global solution

Most technology companies face difficulties in recruiting skilled employees. With over 8,000 employees worldwide, EDAG combines local expertise with global capacity.

- We combine capacity and expertise in Sweden with the ability to perform a project in Germany, for example. This gives our customers access to our capacity, while at the same time, our staff gets inspiring tasks, says Anna Skarenhed, CEO of EDAG Engineering AB in Sweden.

EDAG is headquartered in Fulda, and is one of the world's largest technology consulting companies. It serves as a development partner to most large companies in the automotive industry.

- We have the expertise needed to manufacture a car from start to finish, Anna Skarenhed says. We offer turnkey solutions, both in research and production development, even though not all our projects are that extensive.

EDAG’s Swedish headquarters are located in Gårda in Gothenburg, and the company also has a design center in direct proximity to Volvo Cars in Torslanda. In Sweden, EDAG Engineering has eighty employees, but on a global scale, the company is a hundred times larger.

- The right size is one of our strengths, Anna Skarenhed says. With this many employees, we can take on large projects with unique competencies, and outsource jobs to employees in Germany, for example, as well as China or Poland. We are also able to offer our employees in Sweden foreign service, where their unique skills are in demand.

EDAG would happily employ more engineers in Sweden, and will particularly welcome people with experience in the automotive industry. Anna Skarenhed describes a workplace which is both instructive and stimulating. The assignments are complex, and will often require expertise.

- If you’re looking to make a career as a technology consultant, there are many interesting possibilities available here, she says. You can sit in Sweden and work on assignments from companies worldwide. As a consultant at EDAG Engineering, you have the opportunity for long term development, and have an interesting career with an international company.

EDAG is a technology consulting firm, specializing in the development of vehicles and production plants. The group comprises 8,000 employees, with operations in 57 offices around the world. The Swedish office saw sales of SEK 85 million, and good profitability in 2014.