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Electric Mobility

The EDAG Group covers the entire supply chain of sustainable, holistic mobility concepts in the automotive, commercial vehicle and rail.

The EDAG Group is positioning itself on the electric mobility market as a link between the automotive industry, utility companies, systems supplier and customers: we are combining long standing experience from the automotive sector with our expertise in the area of energy supply, to offer our customers the best possible solutions. In the interaction of the automotive industry as a producer of sustainable mobility and the utility companies as suppliers of the necessary infrastructure, the EDAG Group sees itself as a catalyst.

Only by taking into account the various branches of industry and cooperating will it be possible to achieve success in the field of electric mobility.

E-Mobility Competence Centre

The EDAG Group has set up an electric mobility competence centre based on this central idea. The multi-disciplinary approach of the competence centre puts us in a position to make use of synergies and develop high quality solutions for the very dynamic field of electric mobility.

The main added value brought about by combining activities is that it enables us to offer our customers the EDAG Group's wide range of products and services, focusing on the issues which are currently occupying the automotive industry and will become increasingly important in the future. This includes both the energy companies and energy consumers - i.e. electric vehicles - as well as energy transfer, e.g. the development of intelligent battery charging systems. Last but not least, EDAG development teams are also looking into the questions of energy storage and the optimisation of energy consumption.With an HIL simulator for vehicle batteries and EDfuse, a modular measuring system for high-precision recording of the energy flow in a vehicle, EDAG Group has introduced products to the market which are clearly based on the central idea of electric mobility.

The EDAG Group's electric mobility competence centre provides solutions in the following areas:

  • E/E architecture
  • E/E drive systems
  • Energy management
  • Energy storage
  • Infrastructure interface
  • Vehicle body / lightweight construction
  • Range extender
  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • HMI
  • Test and validation


Your partner for more information:

Heiko Herchet
Head of Competence Centre
Tel.: +49 661 6000-9098

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