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EDAG wins 1st place as top automative employer!

Popular employer!

Today technical companies practically court qualified and junior employees. Positive statements can increasingly be found in the self description of the firms brochures, on web sites and on social media platforms allowing themselves to be positioned as an employee-friendly companies. Therefore the EDAG group is extremely pleased that again they have been awarded the prize of Top Employer by the independent CRF Institute for their outstanding HR work.

The institute specialises in the field of international HR management and working conditions and has just finished this years study of the HR policies and practices with a large number of companies in Germany.
EDAG GmbH & Co. KGaA holds a leading position at this year's awards amongst the best employers in the area of "automotive suppliers".

"First place in the category Automotive is not only the best place so far in this competition for EDAG, it is also a neutral confirmation of our work as employer and engineering company. We are very proud to be a part of the exclusive circle of outstanding employers", says Ms. Alexandra Dantmann, manager HR Recruiting + Development during the official awards ceremony on September 20th, 2012 in Stuttgart. "The programmes we started a few years ago in the fields family + career, health management and our constant commitment to education and training are finally bearing fruit."

The feel good factor and working environment within a company have in the past years proven to be another determinant for an applicants decision to accept a position.
The EDAG group consider the range of family friendly conditions or the programmes and courses in health management as additional contributors to the success of the company as a corporate brand. "Our aspiration for responsible independent and team work are highly valued", stresses EDAG CEO Jörg Ohlsen.

"As a design engineering company, we know that outstanding results and new concepts can only be brought about if everyone pulls together and accepts a high level of personal responsibility. In all we do, the focus is on solution-oriented cooperation to meet project targets. We therefore employ a lean organisational structure and work together in a relaxed, direct and respectful atmosphere. The fact that most EDAG employees are on familiar terms has got nothing to do with artificial company culture, nor is it some advertising gimmick to be found only between the pages of glossy brochures. Ever since EDAG was founded, friendly cooperation has been part of the company, and is a perfect description of our day-to-day working atmosphere."

Aside from the soft skills of course the technical and vocational perspectives are a major factor for the appeal of a company.
And here too EDAG can score points. Of course EDAG works as an engineering partner for complete vehicles and production plants in a variety of areas, where experienced engineers can continue to further both their expertise and career. The number of renowned customers - from Audi to Volkswagen - is an interesting experience especially for newcomers to the job market. "The learning curve is extremely high, when you can work across the fields on sophisticated development projects for many varied customers", Mr. Ohlsen explains. "I can confirm this from my own experience. As a dissertation student I joined EDAG in 1992 and gained valuable working knowledge on my first job as project leader for a simulation project.In my following positions in the EDAG group I was able to compile further knowledge and leading expertise."
The possibility to work abroad at the international branches from America to Asia is also a reason for the popularity of the Fulda company as well as the philosophy to predominantly work on the development projects on location.

"If you publicise team work, then you must ensure that the employees can work as a team. This is an integral part of our business model", Ohlsen adds.

The award as top employer 2012/2013 fits in perfectly with the development plans of the EDAG Group. In this year alone the engineering service provider plans to create 500 new jobs. In all the number of employees should increase from currently 3.200 employees to 5.000 in the next few years.

You can find further information about the CRF Institute, the certification process and the results of EDAG GmbH & Co. KGaA on the web site www.toparbeitgeber.com.


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