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World premiere of the "EDAG Light Car - Sharing" concept car

EDAG Light Car - Sharing

In the wake of developments in all aspects of electric mobility, the idea of car sharing is picking up considerable momentum and becoming quite a trend in the automotive industry. The major manufacturers have already given concrete answers to this promising business model. Tens of thousands  of customers are already making use of Mercedes' car2go, BMW's DriveNow, the German railway's Flinkster or, since November 2011, VW's leasing fleet, "Quicar".

At the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, engineering service provider EDAG is to host the world premiere of the "EDAG Light Car - Sharing" concept car, a vehicle concept that fits in perfectly with the booming leasing business.
The electrically driven "EDAG Light Car - Sharing" has been designed strictly for use as a leasing car. Anyone wishing to use a car spontaneously and temporarily will have very different expectations to somebody buying a car. "A leasing vehicle should be as simple and easy to used as local public transport," explains EDAG CEO Jörg Ohlsen.

For this reason, the "EDAG Light Car Sharing“ features neither storage surfaces nor fancy door trims. Aside from the accelerator, brake and steering wheel, the only other control the customer will find is a lever to work the indicators. There is just one display element which gives rudimentary information such as speed, state of charge, range and navigation.
The car created by the EDAG designers and engineers has two side doors and twin rear doors, and room for 6 passengers who, thanks to the car's height of 1.90 m, can get in and out easily. In addition, the folding seats provide maximum transport capacity - for a large weekend shop or children's buggy. The type of tough materials found in busses and trams are used in the interior. These are easy to clean, and as they are modular-based, also easy to exchange.

EDAG Light Car - Sharing

No-one hiring the "EDAG Light Car – Sharing" needs to worry about bumping the car when they are parking: sensitive spots are fitted with "Technogel" pads, and these can withstand minor collisions. Light plays a central role as a communication instrument in this, the third variant of the EDAG Light Car family. No matter whether the car is being charged, is reserved or available for hire, the LEDs integrated in the pads and "Plexiglass truLED" give a continual, visible indication of its status.

When parking the car or opening the doors, a laser integrated in the mirror projects a safety zone onto the asphalt, ensuring that passengers can get in and out in safety. In addition, the rear window can be marketed as advertising space by the fleet owner – provided the car is not being driven. The vehicle has the potential to become the style icon of the new versions of car share vehicles – like the London taxi, which was purposely designed more than 60 years ago for taxis throughout the English capital.

With the "EDAG Light Car – Sharing", the EDAG Group demonstrates its competence in finding new ideas and developing innovative vehicle concepts.


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