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  • The success story of your life - with EDAG.

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  • Your developments in the vehicles and production plants of tomorrow.

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... for a thesis placement

Is your course coming to an end, with you on the home straight and looking for a challenging practical subject for your thesis?

We are happy to support you at this stage, and offer a variety of interesting subjects from the entire range of operations carried out by the EDAG Group. You can choose from the range of thesis subjects we have we have posted, or work on a subject of your own. Our technical departments will help you with the coordination of the subject with your university supervisor. You will have the technical support of our professionals when you come to write your thesis, as well as access to EDAG's technical equipment.

The way to our theses subjects.


If you have not found a suitable subject for a thesis, we look forward to receiving your blind application blind application for a thesis student placement.

When should I apply for an internship or thesis placements at EDAG?

You should apply to EDAG approx. two to three months before you intend to start your internship or thesis placement.

EDAG offers thesis placements - in which fields and at which locations?

EDAG offers thesis placements in all areas of development and administration. If none of the thesis subjects we have on offer is suitable for you, you can send us a blind application. Please let us know which field and branch office you are interested in working in.

What fields of study are particularly interesting to EDAG?

As a rule, we are interested in any subjects related to the field of mobility. We have a wide variety of openings for students of vehicle engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and information technology, mechatronics, telecommunications, aerospace engineering and materials engineering, and for qualified engineers from similar fields. We also have openings for candidates for lateral entry; people who have a strong affinity for technical matters and already have some work experience.