Pupils & school leavers

Get things moving at EDAG after school!

Are you coming to the end of your school days, and planning the first steps in your career? Or would you just like to get an idea of what the automotive world is about? No matter whether you tend more towards a technical or an administrative future, we can offer exciting prospects to help you find the right job in the fascinating world of automotive and production plant development.

Internships, apprenticeships or dual study courses at EDAG

We can provide you with the perfect springboard to get you off to the best possible start in a varied career. What we offer is the chance to become part of a team that will help to shape the automotive industry and future mobility.

Incidentally, our apprentices and dual system students regularly achieve the best results in their year groups. This says a lot for the quality of the training we provide. And it means that, once they have finished their training, we like to offer our successful young career entrants a permanent place in one of our teams.

Your opportunities at EDAG:

Work experience for school pupils

Are you coming up to school leaving age and thinking about making your future in either the technical, industrial, commercial or IT field?


Then we can offer you the opportunity of a closely supervised internship in which you can gather your first experience of various aspects of automotive and production plant development.

Internships for school leavers are available on request at our locations in Germany.



Do you want to take an active part in shaping future mobility? We offer apprenticeships in more than 15 professions and trades to get you off to a good start in development for the automotive industry. Regardless of whether you prefer working manually or on the computer:


we have the right opening for you. We look forward to welcoming people who bring with them enthusiasm for mobility, and want to realise their ideas in a team. Why not become a part of EDAG, and start your career with us?


Dual study courses

Why not combine a course of academic studies with in-company practical training, and in this way open up even more attractive prospects for the future?


In this case, you will work with two partners to qualify for your profession, with our company offering the practical side of your training. A state vocational college or university of cooperative education provides the theory. The advantages of this dual concept are obvious: right from the start, you gain practical experience and social skills in addition to the theoretical knowledge you will need. From the very beginning of your course, you are involved in the practical work of our teams. Our students are paid a monthly salary for the entire duration of their training period.

Should you as a German resident, be interested in an dual study course please choose the appropriate course from the list below (all courses are german only).