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  • The success story of your life - with EDAG.

  • Your developments in the vehicles and production plants of tomorrow.

  • Your developments in the vehicles and production plants of tomorrow.

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Available apprenticeships

Do you want to play a role in designing the cars and production plants of tomorrow? Details of apprenticeships that are currently available can be found on the german page. 

Have you already driven or been driven somewhere today? If so, there is every chance that we were involved somewhere along the line, because EDAG is one of the biggest engineering service providers for the global automotive industry. This means that we develop individual vehicle parts, complete vehicles or production equipment for all the major auto brands. We work in a number of different fields in which you can gain your first experience of the working world. 

EDAG Engineering GmbH assists vehicle manufacturers all around the world with the development of complete cars or individual vehicle modules, for instance doors or headlights, and provides support throughout a car's entire development process, from design to testing. 

Our subsidiary EDAG Production Solutions GmbH & Co. KG develops plants for the production of vehicles and other products. Staff throughout the world are carrying out the detailed planning, simulation and virtual commissioning of production lines, production plants or entire factories. 

EDAG Werkzeug + Karosserie GmbH manufactures not just body parts and assemblies, but also complete vehicle bodies. The company is an experienced provider of tool construction, milling work and measuring technology services. 

You are sure to be able to find your dream job in one of the areas we operate in. Join us now and become a part of the fascinating world of automotive engineering.

All available apprenticeships can be seen on our German page.