Life at EDAG

What kind of culture can you expect in a technology-driven company? Not what you might think! Forget the clichés about conservative automotive developers - we're not like that. Our job is demanding. After all, we work for an industry that is constantly on the move. We therefore attach great importance to individuality and team spirit, personal responsibility and entrepreneurial thinking, creativity and ambition. The most important thing, though, is enthusiasm for mobility, as we make emotions from technology - which means that our approach to work is not cool, calm and collected, but passionate. And by the way, the fact that people at EDAG are on easy, first name terms is not just some kind of artificial corporate culture, but a side effect of this passion.

It might sound over the top, but we really are proud to be part of EDAG. Our company has an excellent reputation throughout the industry - not just because our work is outstanding, but because we manage to combine the quality standards and reliability of a technically oriented company with an extremely human characteristic; namely our love of mobility.

Women in technical professions – it’s everyday life with us.

A Modern working atmosphere knows no prejudice. Age, origin or gender plays no roll. More important is the passion for mobility. “We have a very strong corporate culture at EDAG which is characterised above all by interacting with each other respectfully, in a friendly manner. There is no room for prejudice against women in technical professions or in leadership positions,” says Carina Roth who is a team leader in seat development. 

In our personal experience reports you can read all about why passion and motivation for bringing new ideas onto the road are just as important as technical know-how. Not only that, but also why anyone can achieve almost anything with us.