Our Services

What we offer our staff:

For us, family and professional life belong together

We all know that parents face a huge challenge when it comes to achieving a proper balance between family and professional life. To help ease the situation, we offer a work-life balance programme. Our family-friendly work environment is inclusive, because a career and children should not be mutually exclusive.

Advanced training is a must at EDAG

We provide a wide range of opportunities for training and development, from general courses on popular tools through to project-specific methods and tools. We also offer qualifying workshops for managers and language courses in English and German for international employees. Sales training courses are provided as a matter of course.

Health Management

To supplement the work-life balance programme, we place great value on health management, to encourage our staff to take care of their health and wellbeing. The programme includes sport, nutrition, relaxation and courses on health-related subjects.  "After work meetings", are also held at a number of our sites, a fixed ritual where employees can get together for a chat in a relaxed atmosphere. In 2011, we received an award for our efforts from the State Secretary for Health.
As an award winning TOP employer, one of our main priorities is the motivation of our employees, and promoting responsible, performance-oriented behaviour. The reason for this is that working with our customers is challenging and high-level.


Besides the fascinating range of tasks of a leading global engineering company, we also offer the following:

  • Security and company benefits of a corporate group
  • The corporate culture of a medium-sized company without too much officialdom, and working on the principle of mutual cooperating
  • Opportunities for professional training and development to improve technical, methodological and social skills
  • Company cars for team leader level and above
  • 30 days' holiday per calendar year
  • Numerous employee programmes
  • Deferred Compensation (BAV, VWL)
  • Premiums on the birth of a child or for a wedding
  • Special conditions with trading partners