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    How the "EDAG Genesis" turned the automobile world upside down

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Process and product data management - We offer the following solutions and services to meet your needs:   We offer the following solutions and services to meet your needs:Change management: Qualified component change handling Monitoring of technology, schedule, costs Controlling changes Documenting...  

EDroof   It is probably the most fundamental question of faith for convertible drivers: hardtop or soft top? Unfortunately there are no studies to prove whether people who prefer a soft top for their...  

Opel Adam   It seldom happens that an established auto brand unexpectedly takes the world by surprise. What Opel have set in motion with their new models over the past two years is nothing less than a U-turn...  

Opel Adam   Opel ADAM Homepage  

Student   When, in late summer, the roar of engines can be heard at the Hockenheimring, it does not necessarily mean that the Formula 1 pilots are out in force. Once a year, the people who will later be...  

Student   A central element of the design, and one which needs to be tested separately, is the so-called crash box, which provides the driver with the best protection possible in the event of a head-on crash....  

Audi A6 long - In the driving seat?   In the driving seat?  


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