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Pupils & school leavers   Then we can offer you the opportunity of a closely supervised internship in which you can gather your first experience of various aspects of automotive and production plant development.Internships...  

Pupils & school leavers   we have the right opening for you. We look forward to welcoming people who bring with them enthusiasm for mobility, and want to realise their ideas in a team. Why not become a part of EDAG, and...  

Pupils & school leavers   In this case, you will work with two partners to qualify for your profession, with our company offering the practical side of your training. A state vocational college or university of cooperative...  

Dual study courses - Our offers of Dual Studies Courses   Our offers of Dual Studies Courses[Translate to English:]  

Apprenticeships - Our apprenticeships   Our apprenticeships  

Students & Graduates - Students & Graduates   Students & Graduates[Translate to English:] Du studierst und begeisterst Dich für Mobilität? Du willst in diesem spannenden Feld etwas erreichen? Ob Fach- oder Führungskraft, EDAG bietet dir die...  

Students & Graduates   Do you want to achieve success in this exciting field? Whether you aim to become an engineering specialist or a manager, EDAG offers openings for careers with good prospects. We are pleased to offer...  

Students & Graduates - And what comes after I have completed my course?   And what comes after I have completed my course?  

Students & Graduates   Please send your full application to the EDAG location of your choice:  

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