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ADAS driver assistance systems - Every country has its own way of doing things – so not all electronic aids look alike   ... smoothly and slowly, whereas Germans brake and accelerate far more sharply. In this context, EDAG checks what tests are necessary, and then carries them out.  

EDAG Soulmate - EDAG Soulmate.   EDAG Soulmate.  

No product recalls - the best form of advertising - Further information   ...Further information Product Reliability + Documentation at EDAG  

Conformity care - Full service provider for CE documentation   ...ervice provider for CE documentationIn order for you to receive the best possible result, we fall back on our EDAG engineering background. Due to the exchange with specialist departments, we have access to a variety of...  

Docmanage care - Document manager in constant exchange with experts from other specialist departments   ... exchange with experts from other specialist departmentsAn advantage of our Docmanage care is the EDAG engineering background. We are in constant exchange with the individual specialist departments and thus...  

Keydata care - Product data management   ... and assume responsibility for an efficient information transfer. If required, we integrate other EDAG specialist departments.  

Manual care - Networking and support between specialist departments   ... always have the possibility of falling back on the expertise of other specialist departments in the EDAG Group.  

Product Quality & Care   ... operation, service and repair are becoming more and more sophisticated and complex. This is where EDAG Product Quality & Care comes in. In cooperation with OEMs, we improve product quality and increase...  

Facts + Figures - Foundation   ...FoundationEDAG was founded by Horst Eckard in Groß-Zimmern near Darmstadt on 1st February 1969, at which time the company was known as "Konstruktionsbüro Horst Eckard". We are one of the world's leading...  


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