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A completely new type of design competition   ...Jury in China Enthusiastic about EDAG Design  

A completely new type of design competition   ...For EDAG, Global Design Manager Johannes Barckmann entered the lists with the Light Cocoon, our concept car: "As a design manager at EDAG, I have both seen and received a great many awards in the field of...  

A completely new type of design competition   ... got past this first hurdle went into round two the next day. Time to take a deep breath here, the EDAG Light Cocoon had already secured the silver medal! There now followed a 60-second "battle",...  

A completely new type of design competition - Further information   ...Further information EDAG Light Cocoon Design concepts at EDAG EDAG Concept Cars EDAG distinctions and awards  

Acknowledged lightweight design specialist EDAG on tour   EDAG represents lightweight design competence at numerous renowned events this March, including the Lightweight Design Summit in Würzburg, Inside 3D Printing in Berlin, etc.  

Active mobility   ...147 EDAG employees entered this year's Challenge Run in Fulda  

ADAS driver assistance systems   ...Further information Electrics / Electronics at EDAG Vehicle functions at EDAG The person in the machine ADAS – not a disease, but the way to future "piloted driving".ADAS: although it sounds like a disease,...  

ADAS driver assistance systems   ... they would hand over all responsibility to a number of different systems. Clear task for EDAG: to make sure that people's trust in these systems is justified. And that they will also work in...  

ADAS driver assistance systems - All a question of validation   ... and subsequent assessment. In this respect, more and more OEM customers are putting their faith in EDAG's experts. ADAS systems are put through a series of rigorous tests from which possible improvements are...  

ADAS driver assistance systems - Every country has its own way of doing things – so not all electronic aids look alike   ... smoothly and slowly, whereas Germans brake and accelerate far more sharply. In this context, EDAG checks what tests are necessary, and then carries them out.  

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