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From drawn long sword to vehicle development   It is time for us to reach for our long swords, look out for the next turning in the virtual road and examine the particulars of this new world, because sooner that we think, we will see it entering...  

From drawn long sword to vehicle development   With my long sword drawn, I creep through the marshes of Vizima with my hero. In my other hand, I am carrying a torch that bathes my surreal surroundings in diffuse light.With the sophisticated...  

Open training positions   Do you want to take an active part in shaping future vehicles and production facilities? In this case, you will find below our openings for apprenticeships and dual studies courses.Choose a job of...  

Variant diversity made easy   EDAG to present a demonstrator for a complete vehicle concept at the 2016 IAA for Commercial Vehicles: A clever, almost weight-neutral method of independent wheel suspension integrationChristoph...  

Open positions - Search for or select your possible next job!   Search for or select your possible next job!  

Open positions - Open positions   Open positionsAs EDAG has over 50 technical departments, you have a good chance of finding the right job for you, one in which you can achieve more.  

Open positions - Here are our Top Jobs   Here are our Top Jobs  

Learning from the know-how in our own ranks - High-level junior staff development   High-level junior staff developmentEDAG is therefore taking the advancement of ambitious junior staff one step further. Why not take the know-how from our own ranks and pass it on to young potential...  

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