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Recruiting contacts - International Personal Recruiting   International Personal Recruiting  

It´s not just a men´s game   Over 90 potential future engineers at Girls' and Boys' Day events in Fulda, Ingolstadt, Munich and SindelfingenChristoph Horvathpr@edag.de  

Summit Meeting of the Heavyweights   EDAG at the 11th EUROFORUM commercial vehicle industry's annual conferenceChristoph Horvathpr@edag.de  

GENESIS - Vehicle development may need a fundamental re-examination   Vehicle development may need a fundamental re-examinationThe impact it might have on the status quo of vehicle development is immense. The high degree of freedom offered by additive manufacturing...  

EDAG Soulmate - The technology inside - a companion through your everyday life   The technology inside - a companion through your everyday lifeA highlight of the soulmate is its inner workings developed by Bosch for the illuminated and lightening-fast car. Where operating...  

ADAS driver assistance systems - The future of "piloted driving"   The future of "piloted driving"The development of various ADAS systems will help to advance piloted driving. The fusion of sensors plays an increasingly important role here. It is, for instance,...  

Bionic - The future will dramatically change   The future will dramatically changeNot only in production, however, does additive manufacturing open up new ways of increasing efficiency. The styling and design of products, automobiles in...  

Bionic - The turtle as a base   The turtle as a base"At the very beginning, we had to justify our decision to take a ponderous turtle as the basis of an idea for a car," explains Johannes Barckmann, chief designer and...  

Bionic - There is no Software   There is no SoftwareA further challenge - and this might be hard to believe - is the software. "Due to the fact that is has so far never been necessary to apply Nature's structures to a classic...  

Bionic - Further information   Further information EDAG Genesis Design concepts at EDAG Additive manufacturing  

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