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Bat bike   In essence, this new concept is a novel type of front wheel suspension integrated in an innovative motorcycle platform concept. As a result, not only is it possible to adjust bucking - something...  

Bat bike - A new motorcycle platform concept   A new motorcycle platform concept  

Bat bike - Bat bike   Bat bike  

What do bus seats, aircraft cabins and air guns have in common?   And yet they appear to be connected by something - or somebody: EDAG's Spanish subsidiary Rücker Lypsa S.L.U. The 52-strong design team under design manager Bernat Costa have impressed not...  

A completely new type of design competition   One of the things that made the DIA so special was the scoring system. First of all, the participants had to give a 3-minute presentation with a subsequent question and answer session in a...  

A completely new type of design competition   For EDAG, Global Design Manager Johannes Barckmann entered the lists with the Light Cocoon, our concept car: "As a design manager at EDAG, I have both seen and received a great many awards in...  

A completely new type of design competition - Further information   Further information EDAG Light Cocoon Design concepts at EDAG EDAG Concept Cars EDAG distinctions and awards  

Into a wall at 350 kmph - Further information   Further information What is SMC? Skeleton body / saceframe Testing / CAE at EDAG Lightweight construction at EDAG  

TestLab Mexico   Today, it is just not possible to construct a car and hope that it will automatically work anywhere in the world. You need the right attitude to be able to understand what the market and the...  

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