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Chevy Cruz   To take enthusiasm for technology and turn it into a global feeling can present an engineering service provider with an enormous challenge. Because even if a new car is launched throughout the...  

Chevy Cruz - Manufactured at four locations   Manufactured at four locationsThe idea was to manufacture the follow-up generation of the compact vehicle at four locations which, culturally speaking, couldn't have been more different: Europe,...  

Chevy Cruz - Worldwide requirements   Worldwide requirementsHowever, the degree of engineering detail in a project of this type needs to take not only technical details into account, but also local legislation: in the USA, for example,...  

Chevy Cruz   Say what you like about globalisation, one thing is certain: it helps the world to cross economic and cultural boundaries and move closer together.   This is not necessarily due only to the...  

Audi A6 long - Working in peace and quiet   Working in peace and quietIn intensive cooperation with Audi, and after extensive research and development, we optimised the comfort features and contents of the rear seat area - down to the...  

Audi A6 long - Further information   Further information Vehicle development at EDAG Vehicle functions at EDAG  

Audi A6 long - The driver is not always the captain   The driver is not always the captainThe EDAG development team was commissioned by Audi to look into this cultural difference: in Europe, the "captain" is also the driver of the vehicle....  

FD ESA HH D Ulm - Personnel Recruiting   Personnel Recruiting  

M Gar Ism - Personnel Recruiting   Personnel Recruiting  

It´s not only a man´s world - Girls Day 2015 at EDAG   Automobile development is exciting - and definitely not an exclusively male domain!Christoph Horvathpr@edag.de  

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