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EDAG takes manufacturing responsibility for the exterior model of the Volvo concept car "360c"

The self-driving car is today still a thing of the future.

Wiesbaden, 08.10.2018   But the Swedish car manufacturer Volvo is already preparing for the future and presented to the public in September its vision of an autonomous electric mobility solution with the concept car "360c". The EDAG Group has taken responsibility for the model building of the exterior model of the "360c" on behalf of Volvo Design, Gothenburg.

The futuristic exterior model features a huge, elegant, concave glass dome, which the EDAG modelling team has translated into reality to the highest levels of perfection and quality. In addition, the team has integrated into the "360c" over 3,000 individual, selectable LEDs as a rotating light band. The light band enables the various travel modes to be communicated visibly outwards. 
Also, as regards safety, the concept car exhibits a new feature with its clever integrated "directional sound speakers": cameras are able to recognise passers-by in order to align the speakers precisely and to indicate them in a targeted manner with the signal tones to the quietly-running e-vehicle. 

Thanks to the EDAG model-building team's years of experience, it was possible to spray the "360c" in a new, future Volvo series colour, which cannot usually be achieved by manual paintwork in a model-building environment.

"We are proud to have been able to make a significant contribution to the success of this future-oriented and unusual concept car with our expertise in high-end model building. The project shows that through the combination of traditional and future-oriented engineering expertise, the EDAG Group is well-positioned to actively collaborate in shaping the transformation process of the car," stresses Cosimo De Carlo, CEO of the EDAG Group.