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  • 50 years EDAG: Tomorrow Now.


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The future is already happening today!

The EDAG Group is 50 years old.

Wiesbaden, 3rd April, 2019   The EDAG Group celebrates its 50th anniversary.
Future orientation, adaptability and a fully integrated engineering concept have always been characteristic of EDAG's image. Founded in 1969, the company has since developed into one of the world's largest independent engineering service providers in the automotive industry, and an active creator of future mobility. Today, renowned national and international manufacturers and suppliers rely on the expertise of the more than 8,600 EDAG engineering specialists.

Adaptability and a feeling for the market

In 1969, the company's founding year, EDAG was a startup company with its initial focus on design services for vehicle bodies and production equipment. Even when the company was still in its startup phase, the foundations for EDAG's unique selling proposition - engineering services for both the automobile and production - were already being laid. The principle of production-optimised, fully integrated engineering is still one of the key competitive advantages of the EDAG Group today. It is one of the main reasons for the company's success in the last five decades.

In the first two decades, the engineering portfolio was systematically expanded, so the company was soon well qualified to accept complete development projects. Having a closed process chain enabled the company to profit from the trend of the OEMs towards outsourcing and acquire its first major contracts for national and international vehicle manufacturers. Parallel to this, back in the 1980s, the EDAG Group was already laying the foundations for the extensive presence it today enjoys on the automotive industry's international markets, by founding its first offices in England and Spain. Technologically too, the EDAG Group has always anticipated new trends, and in 1990s was one of the first companies to successfully integrate simulation technology into its development processes.

Future-oriented activities, the advancement of the engineering service portfolio, and top quality standards are deeply rooted in the DNA of the EDAG Group. Symbolic of this future-oriented way of thinking and acting are the EDAG Group's numerous concept cars which feature new mobility concepts or technologies, such as 3D printing or alternative powertrains. 
This also applies to the EDAG competence centres which, in cooperation with the industry, research institutes and universities, proactively carry out pilot projects in the fields of lightweight design, eMobility, digitalisation and integral safety.

"EDAG's employees are the central factor for the success of the company. With their technical expertise, but more than anything else with their willingness to find new ways of future-proofing products and processes, they have taken EDAG to the forefront of the engineering service sector," confirms EDAG CEO Cosimo De Carlo. "And this is precisely the attitude on which the continuation of our success story will be based. Right now, the industry is going through an interesting transformation process. Adaptability and market-oriented action are virtues that are currently in greater demand than ever before. EDAG is ideally placed in this respect, and is establishing its position as a pioneer among the engineering service providers on the market."

For more information on our 50th anniversary, see: www.50yearsedag.com