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  • 50 years EDAG: Tomorrow Now.


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Women in technical professions – an ideal, not a contradiction

EDAG challenges an old industrial cliché

Wiesbaden In a modern working environment, there is no room for prejudice. At least there isn't at EDAG, the Wiesbaden-based engineering experts. Neither age, ethnic background nor gender are important: what counts is a passion for mobility.

"At EDAG, we have a very strong corporate culture characterised more than anything by people interacting with each other in a respectful and friendly manner. There is no room here for prejudice against women in technical professions or women in managerial positions," according to Carina Roth, virtual engineering team leader.

Lack of recognition of women in technical professions has long been an issue in the automotive, engineering and technology sectors. EDAG is now set to address this widespread problem more vigorously, and is working with the executive board to focus on further structural and conceptual advances to strengthen the cultural basis.

See our Video Clip for a foretaste of the EDAG campaign.