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New VI Director

As the EDAG company expands, some changes in the organization are necessary in order to prepare for future development of individual departments.

Mr. Abel Herrero, Vehicle Integration Director

The Vehicle Integration Unit started up in 2013 and has been taken over by Mr. Abel Herrero, who has in the past run this unit as “interim” Manager.

Mr. Abel Herrero has more than 25 years working experience in project management and vehicle integration. He also has one of the longest histories as an EDAG employee (with more than 20 years), 10 years of which he has spent with us in China.

Mr. Abel Herrero with his vast technical knowledge and leadership competencies will expand the two main departments which are part of Vehicle Integration. These two departments are Function Integration (Function Development and Virtual Validation) and Geometrical Integration (Package, Dimensional Management).

EDAG China offers this extended range of services and looks forward to supporting you in your future requirements.