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    Bat bike

    Futuristic bike concept with series potential


    When the car suddenly becomes the better smartphone

  • Intelligent headlight with a high IQ

How EDAG is helping to ensure that there will be no Nokia effect in the automotive industry

EDAG, one of the world's leading engineering experts for the automobile sector, is working on a way of making existing products so good that they are better for the future. For this reason, EDAG works "proruptively", paying particular attention to developing existing technologies through experience, knowledge and foresight. This is the only way of avoiding a Nokia effect in the automotive industry!

See the video to find out why a 1968 Mercedes 280 SL is today in better condition that it was then, and why of all cars the legendary "Pagode" is a first class example of what proruptive means.

How to upgrade a vintage car so that it is "better than new".

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