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Most efficient package distribution centre in Germany delivered on time

50,000 packages per hour - this has been the target for DHL Group Germany's most efficient parcel distribution center, which was built near Frankfurt.

Process simulation in practice

Six kilometres of conveyor and sorting lines and 50,000 packages per hour - that's quite a number. Unlike Berlin's new airport, the simulation of material flows and complete control system has led to punctual and smooth commissioning. Chapeau!

The example of DHL shows how powerful and important a flexible emulation environment (FEE) is when large systems have to be put into operation in a short period of time: Considering that 50,000 parcels per hour are scarcely 14 per second and that everything is delivered and distributed by truck, it is unbelievable that the system was able to go into operation in just a few months.

Control programming and construction of the plant can be carried out simultaneously.

The FEE maps the entire system: controllers for the control system and the material flow computers, the PLC and the conveyor components. This way, errors could be detected and rectified at an early stage before the first plant components were physically implemented. During the virtual test runs, malfunctions were also simulated in a targeted manner, which the controller had to solve automatically.

In the meantime, EDAG Production Solutions is also a partner of DHL in the follow-up projects. 

Learn in the case study in detail how EDAG Production Solutions has been supporting DHL in optimizing and commissioning the high-tech package centre by using the flexible emulation environment.