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EDAG Quality Engineering 4.0 – Progress with Saxon Roots

Development centre for semantic-based vehicle diagnosis gives new impetus to auto industry

"Saxony: 'Autoland' in the Automobile Nation" is how Saxony is currently promoting the industrial region as part of its "this is Saxony" image campaign. The slogan has substance: today, every tenth car produced in Germany comes from the Free State of Saxony. There are 750 local companies with some 70,000 employees working in the automotive industry,  so the structural conditions are ideal for investors from the automotive field. It therefore comes as no surprise that Volkswagen, Porsche and BMW have already set up plants in Leipzig, Dresden, Zwickau and Chemnitz.

However, Saxony also offers innovative leaders like EDAG a further, and quite decisive advantage: the location is like a greenfield site, with plenty of space to develop major plans. So it was no coincidence that Bernd Waterkamp, Head of EDAG's Product Reliability + Documentation Division selected Leipzig as its "test track" for new services.

"EDAG goes Saxony"

The mission "EDAG goes Saxony" follows a bold plan. "We combine the potential of big data technologies with our long-standing after-sales expertise in complaints management to give a completely new type of service," explains Waterkamp. The chance lies in the computer-aided processing of large data quantities. By enhancing the data relating to complaints with metadata, it is possible to incorporate information in so-called semantic networks. The intelligent links in these networks enable information in relevant contexts to be found with enormous speed. We do not want to say any more about it just yet. Waterkamp sums up: "We combine our core competencies of communication and quality solutions, and help our customers to enhance their data pool." A ground-breaking prospect for EDAG – at all sites!

Team with „petrol in their blood“

What we need to do now is roll up our sleeves. Marcus Keller, field monitoring team leader in the EDAG Product Reliability + Documentation team and manager of the Leipzig branch, is someone who will knuckle down. A passionate handyman with rally experience, he has petrol in his blood. And our customers know this. With expertise and unconventional ideas, he has already created a stir at VW and BMW. In this context, in a thoroughly positive sense. Thanks to the success of his methods, the 36-year-old quality expert is already very much at home in dealings with big, internationally active corporations. He is, however, neither willing nor able to disguise his origins: Marcus Keller is a Saxon through and through. He and his team are cut from the same cloth. The tight-knit community of auto enthusiasts has Saxon roots and ambitious plans. On their way "back to the roots" they are treading new paths. One of the areas they are targeting in their quest for future business partners is the insurance industry. This has information on repairs that do not fall within the warranty period, one of the vehicle manufacturers' blind spots. By cooperating with insurance companies, we gain completely new insights which might, for instance, highlight potential for improving long-term quality.

EDAG Product Reliability + Documentation – represented throughout Germany

EDAG's Product Reliability + Documentation division, with its innovative, customised quality and communication solutions, is already represented throughout Germany from Hamburg to Munich. With the Leipzig branch, customers in Saxony now also have a local address to contact directly. And that's not all: the branch is to be developed into a think tank and breeding ground for new ideas in the field of automotive after-sales, and might well, when it reaches its target size of 100 employees, give the engineering landscape in Saxony a good shake up. Because, in a comparison with our competitors, this would make our Leipzig team the biggest independent engineering expert team in the area by far.

Passion, know-how and pioneering spirit are the most important resources for the "EDAG goes Saxony" mission. The world will definitely be hearing more about EDAG Product Reliability + Documentation, the Saxony think tank and the new developments from their product factory. Their answer to "this is Saxony" is "this is EDAG in Saxony".

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