• Team spirit boosts morale

    How Vanessa Raab, Sales Manager for vehicle integration handles the balancing act between customers and colleagues.

  • Success that gives you wings

    How a female software developer at EDAG sets new standards.

  • German student in the country with three cultures

    Hola! My name is Natascha and for four months now, I have been doing an internship abroad, at EDAG Production Solutions' Mexican branch in Puebla.

... as career starters and people with professional experience?

We can always offer career starters and those with professional experience new challenges, good prospects and a motivating environment in which they can continue to develop. In more than 50 technical departments, we can offer you every opportunity to apply your skills to the best possible effect, acquire further technical expertise, and help us to shape the future. Our wide customer base and international strategy open up long-term and varied prospects for your individual career path.

What does EDAG expect of applicants with or without professional experience?

We are looking for staff who are quick on the uptake, willing to learn and curious about things. Technical and engineering know-how is essential - and people with a professional background should bring with them a wealth of experience to enhance our work. Apart from looking for technical knowledge, we also attach great importance to social skills. Why? Because openness, respect, objectiveness and team spirit characterise the way we work together.

Who can I contact if I have questions relating to my application?

If you have applied for a particular job, the name of the person to contact will have been given in the job advertisement. People sending blind applications can apply to our central office in Fulda for information, Tel. +49 661 6000-843. You can also always contact the central office if you have any questions regarding the current status of your application.

Will my data be treated confidentially?

Your data will be handled confidentially at all times. We guarantee that any recording, processing and usage of your data will be carried out in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act.