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IT services

We have our roots in the heterogeneous and certified infrastructures of the automotive industry. As a result, we have gathered years of experience and developed cross-industry, practice-oriented IT product solutions and services for medium-sized and major companies. Our team consists of IT specialists, process consultants and developers, all of whom have project experience and a sense for what can and cannot be done. The fact that we use our own solutions in highly complex environments every day, improving them permanently, enables us to understand the concerns of our customers. We will be happy to assist you with advice, software solutions, IT operations and SAP services.

For further information see below, or refer to our IT Services micro site.


jEDWIN is the management suite for decision-makers, heads of IT and administrators who want to ensure that the way their IT is run is sustainable and cost-optimised. Our portfolio follows your individual company standards and any best practices you apply (DIN, ISO, ITIL, etc.), and integrates existing IT systems with one another – with no expensive, complex migration.


Instead of implementing inflexible insular solutions and generating expensive extra work, our tried and tested solutions provide a high degree of integration in your existing IT landscape, and the possibility of scaling. Customised applications such as jEDWIN Asset Management, Identity Management and Service Management can be perfectly adapted to meet your requirements. Thanks to the short implementation period and intuitive user guidance, results can quickly be produced and made transparent for IT controlling.

We offer the following solutions and services to meet your needs:

  • jEDWIN Identity & Access Management
  • jEDWIN Asset Management
  • jEDWIN Service Management
  • jEDWIN Apps Builder
  • jEDWIN Resource Manager 

jEDCOMM communication management

jEDCOMM offers limitless communication via All-IP without excluding the fun factor. You have constant access (regardless of location) to all the company’s internal and external communication channels. Your colleagues have all accustomed standard communication forms like telephony, CTI, answering phone, fax and sms at their fingertips – and everything is managed over a central administration feature.


jEDCOMM Users have instant access to the following services: 

  • Cloud / Own Cloud / Company only
  • Multi-client capable
  • Simple multisite management
  • Video conferencing with Desktop-sharing
  • Smartphone support (Android, iPhone) 
  • Prepared for the future thanks to IP based telephony connections / hybrid

With jEDCOMM you get an efficient unified communication system between your employees and customers. Capitalize on the extensive saving potential of our solution and sink the overhead cost of your communication.



jEDHOC is an uncomplicated and secure data exchange portal which can be used to communicate large quantities of data via the Internet. The sophisticated security system uses SSL encryption to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of your data, and provides anti-malware scanning. Furthermore, all the activities taking place in the portal are recorded in a database in line with auditing requirements, and are thus complete and plausible.


jEDHOC users already appreciate:

  • The chance to exchange large data volumes
  • Safe data transfer via SSL
  • Data is checked for malware - always using currently valid signatures
  • Integration of existing user accounts from MS Active Directory or OpenLDAP
  • Intuitive operation via web browser
  • Various languages available

SaaS (Software as a Service)

SaaS by EDAG PS IT-Services allows you the chance to focus on core issues. Reduce your internal labor, cost and time spent on the essentials, while enhancing the performance, availability and flexibility of your IT-infrastructure.


You do not need to worry about software licenses, maintenance, configuration, updates or scalability. We deliver your customized solution according to your requirements.

You will profit from:

  • A low investment risk
  • Transparent IT costs
  • A quick implementation
  • A flexible IT service, which can be adapted quickly to your needs.